The History of Skinny Ties

The evolution of gentlemen’s neckwear has encompassed vast changes since before the 17th century. One of the most common elements of men’s apparel, includes Neck Ties. Neck Ties have been labelled an important staple element of a mans wardrobe, adding style, sophistication, and texture to any formal or casual ensemble. The 1920’s were particularly an influential era for the popularisation of Neck Ties.


As it was formally known, the standard necktie of the 20’s had a wider diameter, approximately 8-10cm in width (widest point). The later size reduction, lead to the introduction of the ‘now’ popular Skinny tie, which measures in between 2cm-6cm (widest point). Despite this small alteration, the Skinny Tie added a sharp, sleek and aesthetically dramatic look to a gentlemen’s formal wear. The skinny tie has since stood the test of time, and is now a staple piece in the modern day gentlemen’s wardrobe.

The Shirt Stays Shirt Garter

If you have ever wondered how so many men are able to tear up the dance floor at a wedding or office Christmas party and manage to keep their shirt neatly tucked then we have the answer for you. You may have seen a video going viral of an elastic material that attaches to the end of your shirt then around your leg. This is called a Shirt Garter (Shirt Stays) and it’s purpose it to help keep your shirt tucked in looking neat.


Keeping your shirt tucked in can be a real hassle. It can sometimes be embarrassing having to reach into your pants and tuck your shirt in when you’re around strangers. No longer do you need to worry about your shirt becoming untucked and looking like a hot mess at a wedding or other formal event and being judged. The only thing you need to worry about is keeping your top button done up, your Tie in place and not losing accessories like your Pocket Square and Cufflinks.

Before recently becoming popular, the Shirt Garter was worn by guards in the military as they had to always look their best standing for long periods of time.

Stay looking sharp with our Shirt Garter. At The Tie Rack they’re currently on sale for $19.95 for a limited time. They can be purchased here

To use our Shirt Garter, attach the double clips to your shirt tail while the loop sits around each leg. They’re completely adjustable so don’t worry about your shape or size.

Having a suit that fits you right is everything

There is nothing worse then having clothing that is not the right fit. Wearing a piece that fits you like a tent is a complete no go and buying the right size that fits you is everything. Men may feel a few sizes bigger may help cover certain areas of their body that they’re insecure about. Buying a suit that is a few sizes too big is not the fix and does absolutely no favours for your physique.

Wearing a suit that you are comfortable in and fits you perfectly will help you feel more confident and also turn heads. Do yourself a favour and donate that oversized suit to a charity then take a visit to your local tailor and have yourself measured for the perfect suit that will help compliment those areas of your body that you are insecure about. Once you’re happy with your new fitted suit, buy yourself a new Tie and or Pocket Square and start feeling a million bux.

Pocket Square Tips

The right Pocket Square can really help make your outfit pop. Pocket Squares have become very popular over the last 5 years. Through the 2000’s they were considered gone but have made a comeback and are now here to stay. Choosing the right Pocket Square can be a difficult task. Remember these important points:

Never match your Pocket Square to your Shirt or Jacket. Make the Pocket Square stand out. If it blends with your outfit, then it’s a no go.

The boring triangular fold Pocket Square looks like it came out of the 1980’s. Try a different funky fresh fold. Watch the video below to help get some ideas on different styles you can wear your Pocket Square.

Choosing the right set of Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been around since the early 1600’s and became a popular accessory during the 18th century.

The Tie Racks set of cufflinks are delicately sculpted by hand and the perfect addition to any ensemble. Choosing the right style of cufflinks to compliment your suit can sometimes be a challenge. When it comes to a formal occasion like a wedding or black tie event, we would recommend a more formal style like our pair of classic silver cufflinks or our chrome rectangle cufflinks.


Novelty cufflinks like our Spiderman, Star Trek, Star Wars and Avengers cufflinks should be avoided for formal occasions. These would be best for a more casual event like a 21st Birthday.



Our range of cufflinks is growing. If you are after a specific design that you cant find on the website, shout us an email or send us a message on facebook.

New range of Mini Striped Silk Neck Ties

We have a new collection of mini striped 100% Silk Neck Ties. Mix and match with our large range of Pocket Squares and cufflinks. The Tie Racks Silk mini striped neck ties are crafted with one of the finest silks. The quality is sure like no other. They are currently available in black, light blue, silver and navy blue. More colours will be added in the coming days. These new range of ties would be ideal for weddings and other similar events. Remember that when choosing a colour it is important that it compliments the suit, shirt and shoes.