Having a suit that fits you right is everything

There is nothing worse then having clothing that is not the right fit. Wearing a piece that fits you like a tent is a complete no go and buying the right size that fits you is everything. Men may feel a few sizes bigger may help cover certain areas of their body that they’re insecure about. Buying a suit that is a few sizes too big is not the fix and does absolutely no favours for your physique. Wearing a suit that you are comfortable in and fits you perfectly will help you feel more confident and also turn heads. Do yourself a favour and donate that oversized suit to a charity then take a visit to your local tailor and have yourself measured for the perfect suit that will help compliment those areas of your body that you are insecure about. Once you’re happy with your new fitted suit, buy yourself a new Tie and or Pocket Square and start feeling a million bux.